Safety Tips When Cycling

There a variety of hazards and risks associated with cycling which can easily be prevented by following just a few safety tips.

1. Safety Gear

It really should go without saying that the necessary safety gear should be worn when cycling to prevent injuries that can result from falls. A safety helmet is absolutely essential to prevent head and brain injuries from occurring. Elbow and knee guards are also important to help avoid scratches, abrasions and bruises that could result from a tumble.

For those suffering from back pain or other strain and stress injuries, additional support may be necessary. Equipment to support the joints (especially the knees and ankles) will help prevent exacerbating an existing injury. A lumbar support (lower back) is ideal for those suffering from back pain or other health conditions like kidney disease.

2. Plan Your Route

Whether you are cycling for fun, exercise, professionally or as a means of transport, it is always important to plan your route. Optimally, it is best to choose low traffic areas where it is less likely that you could be in accident with a vehicle. Look for areas that have cycling paths or cyclist friendly zones.

Also take note of peak traffic times in the areas where you will be cycling. It may be better to take a longer route to your destination than to have to deal with high traffic volumes.

3. Rules Of The Road

It is essential to acquaint yourself with the rules of the road as they relate to cycling as well as pedestrians and other motorists. Make sure that you understand the right signals to use to make your intentions known. Also be aware of any laws regarding where you may cycle and where not.

Look for signs that clearly allow or forbid cycling and adhere to these. Cycling in forbidden areas can result in fines as well as not be safe for you. Always be considerate to pedestrians and other road users. Stay off the sidewalks unless they are marked for cycling.

4. Awareness

Always keep in mind that some areas and some times of day are simply not safe for cycling. It is best to cycle during day light hours or in well lit areas, especially if you are travelling with bags or other items. Be aware of the neighborhood that you are cycling in and any crime that you should be aware of.

NOTE: One way advanced cyclists improve their awareness is by using a power meter. Cycling power meters help measure the power output of the cyclist. A couple great examples are the PowerPod and the Watteam POWERBEAT.

Make sure that you have the means to lock up your bicycle when it is unattended for any period of time to prevent theft. Keep in mind that the wheels, seat and other removable parts may be stolen even if your bike is securely locked up. It is always best to try and find an indoor area to safely store your bike.

Cycling is a safe and great means of transport as well as exercise. However, it is important to keep your health and safety in mind when cycling to prevent injury and bodily harm.

The Relationship Between Yoga And Meditation

When practiced together, yoga and meditation can help to strengthen the connection between the body and the mind. As a result, health and overall well-being is improved. There are many different styles of yoga routines that combine meditation with the physical activity. These routines are unique in that they utilize deep, controlled breathing during the poses.

Keep in mind that you can practice meditation without incorporating a yoga routine, and this can be done by simply relaxing, keeping your mind clear and concentrating on deep breathing. However, when used on a regular basis, yoga and meditation have proven to offer several health benefits.

Emotional Improvement

Meditation and yoga have been proven to improve a person’s mental focus. This is why so many yoga disciplines are based on upbeat themes. For example, the philosophy of Anusara yoga strives to look for the good in everything, and is focused on celebrating the heart through uplifting experiences.

Numerous studies have concluded that yoga participants are generally happier overall than those who are in a limited or controlled group. Meditation provides the emotional boost that many are looking for when doing deep relaxation breathing. An added bonus is that meditation can be done anywhere. You can engage in a 15 minute meditation break even while at work. Simply close your eyes, relax your muscles and breathe deeply.

Improved Flexibility

In western societies, the majority of the workforce sits while on the job. This does not only result in a loss of muscle mass, but also a decrease in flexibility and fitness. Office work can also cause shoulder and neck strain if a person sits in front of a computer for long periods of time. Most yoga poses focus on lengthening and strengthening the body, especially the muscles.

When you have improved flexibility, it will be easier for you to bend your body and lift objects. It can help for you to find the best yoga mats as well. It can also improve your athletic performance. Yoga is included in many of professional athletes workout regimens to maintain or improve flexibility. If you struggle with certain yoga poses, you can use yoga blocks to help ease stress on your joints.

Better Nutrition

There have been some studies that suggested that as people who practice yoga and meditation become more aware of the connection between their bodies and minds, they also begin to make better diet choices. In turn, these people begin to have an increased self-esteem and more desire to take better care of their bodies.

This means that yoga and meditation can be viewed as behavior modification techniques to improve fitness overall.

Stress Management

By practicing yoga regularly, stress responses are reduced in the body. When the inflammatory responses to stress in the body is reduced, a person’s chances of developing stress related health conditions like heart attacks and high blood pressure are also reduced.

Meditation is also used as a technique to reduce anxiety, agoraphobia and panic disorders.

When you decide to reduce the stress in your life, eat better and become more active, you will experience better health. Today’s modern living is full of stressful situations.

Being tired and getting little sleep can combine to create anxiety disorders and other stress related disorders. Yoga and meditation will not only improve the quality of your life, it may also increase your lifespan.

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